You know something is seriously wrong when it starts raining newts and frogs…

11 year-old Angus McFangus believes that his parents are boring civil servants, but one stormy night his world is turned upside down when he is mysteriously whisked to the island of Imbur to become an apprentice at the Perilous Exploratorium for Weather and Vicious Storms.

At Perilous, the world’s most dangerous weather is studied to protect mankind from its ravages. There, Angus discovers that his parents are actually famous Lightening Catchers, who have been kidnapped by the villainous Scabious Dankhart. Dankhart wants to find the secret Lightening Vaults hidden somewhere within Perilous, in order to unleash an unending storm.

With the help of his new friends, Dougal Dewsnap and Indigo Midnight, Angus intends to stop him. Along the way, Angus learns that he is a Storm-Prophet: someone with the rare ability to predict catastrophic weather. Angus battles through blizzards in the Weather Tunnel, dodges lightning bolts in the Lightnarium and fends off an attack of Fog Mites!

Will Angus find his parents in time or will Scabious Dankhart achieve world domination?