WOW! I was thinking this morning that it was getting really difficult to write a review on the Animorphs books, first of all because there are over 50 of them, and secondly because it's all pretty much

1) Find out the Yeerks are doing something
2) Investigate
3) Have everything go wrong
4) Fight
5) Narrowly escape, usually not making much of an impact

Now this book (as far as I recall) has no major plot points. Normally that would be a HUGE turn-off for me.

This book follows the main formula - but very, very loosely. What I loved about it was that it wasn't really the Animorphs fighting the Yeerks. Nope. This was about good ol' earth trying to kill the Animorphs. Which made all the difference. It was all getting so routine (and consequently, boring). The Yeerks are dangerous, the Yeerks are a threat, Visser Three is a horrible, nasty get the idea.

Makes you forget how dangerous our own planet can be.