In March, Mary Evans opens up the first book of Chronicles, which is primarily about the reign of David. There is much genealogical detail about the tribes of Israel over which David reigned, and a selection of details, including events, structures and personnel, relevant to his reign. Yet this is also a book of prophetic history. Biblical historians are concerned to show, prophetically, the outworkings of God’s plans and promises.

In April, Greg Haslam writes on Acts chapters 1-11, the Book of Acts being uniquely ‘the only inspired Church history we possess’ as well as a brilliant ‘defence’ of the authentic mission of Jesus and of His greatest apostle - Paul. However, we do not merely learn what happened 2,000 years ago but what the Lord intends for His people at all times and in every place, in terms of Spirit-empowered evangelism, church planting and cultural-transformation.