For fifty years, Fotini Manatou has never stopped thinking about Greece, the country she fled during the aftermath of a terrible crime.

Her granddaughter Lucy has never thought about Greece, at least not until she finds her dead sister's bucket list tucked in the pages of her diary. It's been six months since her younger sister died, and Lucy's stuck on that day, on that final moment, obsessed with the woman whose negligence caused her sister's death.

Desperate to repair her granddaughter's heart and head, and to fulfill one of her dead granddaughter's wishes, Fotini consents to travel to Greece with Lucy, but only under the condition that they don't stay in her home village, Agria. She's determined never to return—too many ghosts, too many people who might remember her name.

Lucy is the one variable she can't control. Her granddaughter has met someone—a man named Akili, who is grieving for his murdered friend.

There is no way for Fotini to prepare for the course Lucy's fledgling affair takes, and no way to rebury old bones once they float to the surface.

Light is the Shadowis a story about family secrets ... and secret families.