This book is excellent for an early years setting. The familiar illustrations (nick Sharratt is known for his illustrations in Jacqueline Wilson books) and whimsical prose makes for a really good read.

The short and simple lines of rhyming couplets make it easy to follow by the children and they can easily predict what word comes at the end of each line based on the clear pictures and simple sounds. Words such as 'Coat' and 'Boat' can be sounded out by more able children in the Nursery setting and it is a very good way to assess where they are in their phonics knowledge.

The book is very short in length which makes it easier for smaller children to read as it keeps their interest for just the right amount of time to be able to finish it. Often, a child will leave a book half way through when their attention runs out but I have never seen that happen with this book.

Mrs pirate goes shopping for many different items which make her a pirate and this can be extended into mathematics learning in the EYFS with shopping activities and counting how many items it takes for them to dress up. The pirate theme opens opportunities for many different activities throughout the Nursery which would develop the children's knowledge of the book itself.

I would recommend it as a book for the EYFS classroom and any young child at home who is just starting to show an interest in books.