Five Must-Have Books for Non-Fiction Authors

Your own in-house library for non-fiction author success. $20 worth of books for $5.99 - an unbeatable deal.

Not sure how to write or sell your non-fiction books?

This five-book box set includes powerful how-to information from a best-selling author. Books include:

How to Write and Sell Non-Fiction Books for Kindle How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research Vanquish Writer's Block! Sell More Books: 55 Free Promotions That Work WordPress WebsitesGreat value box set

You'll never find five more valuable books for writers than you can in this box set. Priced to fit within even the smallest budget, this bundle will teach you:

how to quickly write a non-fiction book (it can be done in 72 hours or less) how to take advantage of the Kindle promotional opportunities how to easily gather and store information for every kind of book three never-fail methods for kicking writer's block to the curbforever! how to build and customize your WordPress website book marketing 101 how simple photos can feed your creativity how to find the best marketing ideas for your personality how to begin creating a fan base and so much more you wouldn't believe it!

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Feedback from a Reader

After reading just one of these books (How to Write and Sell Non-Fiction Kindle Books), author M. Layton sent this email to the author:

I found your “How to Write & Sell Non-Fiction Books for Kindle” after midnight last night. I had downloaded books for hours it seemed, trying to find a simple, easy book on how to format and submit a book to Kindle. (I’m very new to this.) With a headache from wondering how so many people could write so much and say so little, I was about to give up and go to bed when I found “the mother lode”! Your Book! How could I have missed it?? Headache forgotten, my eyes could not move fast enough until I finished it. I’m not sure what time that was. Before I sit down today to read (instead of “gulp”) it again I must thank you. My wish is that someday one of my readers will find that excitement and joy of reading in one of my books that I just found in yours. THANK YOU.”

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