Easy Amigurumi is a collection of 20 cute small doll patterns and 8 animal pillow patterns. They are very easy to make, using single crochet stitch (UK: double crochet).

Size: The small dolls are 2.4 to 4 inches tall (6 - 10.5 cm).
The Pillow Pals are 14 inches high (35 cm).

The following crochet patterns are included:
Puffy Pals: piggy, ducky, bear, puppy, bunny, cat and frog.
Garden Pals: butterfly, flowers, owl, ladybird, caterpillar and bee.
Little Duckies with Eggs.
Little Girl Dolls.
Pillow Pals: bear, bunny, owl, piglet, duck, cat, frog and puppy.