I've been trying to learn more about this (mostly) crappy city that I live in now, and the cocaine renaissance of the 70's & 80's seemed like as good a place as any to start.

This was one of the many books I've grabbed from the returns truck in the library and brought home without really looking at it closely.I ended up committing the librarianly faux pas of reading through the whole book before checking in the back to make sure it had a real bibliography and would therefore have a good chance of being reliable and well-written... and of course, it did not, and was not.

It's one of those histories that is supposed to read like a gripping novel.But in actuality, it reads like the monologue of an adolescent girl recounting her day at school:

"So first, like, there were these cocaine smugglers...no, well, before the smugglers there were a bunch of, like, political events in Bolivia and they ended up with like a ton of coca plants.And then they totally sold it all to the Colombians...oh, and it was the Colombian mafia, and then the cocaine traffickers ended up working with the Miami cops to rip them off, and...oh, but before that, did I tell you about how the Bahamian government was, like, totally corrupt?Anyway, and now some people are in jail and some other people are dead, and it was like totally exciting and cool."

So, I'm going to have to get a more authoritative book.But this one was more or less entertaining, so it wasn't a total wash.