This is the second title in a four-volume study concentrating on Luftwaffe conventional and maritime/torpedo bomber aircraft, camouflage and markings 1933-1945.Conceptual design and layout follows that of the 'Jagdwaffe' series. The narrative text provides an overview, with the detail contained in the captions. Captions concentrate on individual aircraft, units, pilots and camouflage and markings etc. Each volume is super-rich in photographic content. Also includes 15 complementary color profiles to illustrate camouflage schemes, tactical markings and numbering and unit insignia as employed on all fronts. This volume covers 'Bomben auf England' (the Battle of Britain' and Night Blitz on London), the opening phase of bomber operations in the Mediterranean against Malta, Crete and Sicily. The campaign in the Balkans, early anti-shipping operations with the Fw 200 and He 111s, the 'sideshow' in Iraq and operations in Russia to the end of 1941.