This was the only one of the Cassidy books that I read and didn't like, it's a shame really because the story-line could have been great, but with such a small book I struggled to get into the story fully.

Like I said, I liked the story-line, girl gets dumped, boyfriend moves onto best friend, girl finds new friend, growing relationship with new friends problems brought into the mix. I also liked the character of Tina and her naivity, yet she is the one who ends up pregnant with a baby she ends up getting rid off, after being unable to face the troubles of parenting.

I just didn't like the main character. Even though you should sympathise for her, I kind of felt that her proud and arrogant personality deserved it. Also the whole abandoning baby part was unnessecary I felt, and the book was too short to get into the story enough for it to be emotive.