Note: This volume contains all three GRID Traveler books: Distant Reality, Alien Shores, and Lines Crossed.

Long ago we were visited by aliens. They shared knowledge and told us stories of life. They showed us magick and made us believe. Then one day they left. We wondered what happened to to them. We searched the skies.

Through the years we performed "magick" hoping they would return. Epochs passed and we went searching for them to discover proof the Elders and Ancient Ones existed.

Toward the end of the last war a hero fell from grace. Our journey begins here . . .

Sean Blakemore, Commander of the GRID Battlecruiser Reginald L Johnson, wallowed in self-loathing. He drank too much, suffered from depression, and swam in self-pity. He figured life could not suck any worse when he received new orders. He had to hand the Johnson over to another commanding officer. God hated him he thought.

Then . . . Dr. Loggar, head scientist in charge of this new mission, drew him into the semi-secret world of The Most High Goddess. She gave him hope.

GRID Traveler Trilogy is a story of Sean’s redemption, from rock bottom to discovering Humankind’s true origins and possibly its inevitable future.