The pine-clad slopes of Vermont: winter's playground, a serene destination for breathtaking natural beauty and family-friendly amusement. Except when they're covered with zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. AJ is familiar with the voodoo of New Orleans, but what does voodoo have to do with Vermont? To appease an angry spirit, she is instructed to travel to the sleepy industrial city of Frostbite where she has to find a Bokor, or dark sorcerer, before time runs out. With her mentor mysteriously missing, she must team up with a reclusive scientist and a coffin-builder to piece together the secrets of Frostbite before time runs out. But AJ has a dark secret of her own. Can she be saved by stopping the zombie plague, or will she be cursed forever? Filled with suspense and cheeky humor, Vermont Voodoo is a great read for anyone who already loves artists such as Charlaine Harris or Joss Whedon. This story avoids the George Romero interpretation of zombies, and instead returns to the folklore of African-American voodoo - but with a modern interpretation.