A combination anthology, primer, and custom Magnetic Poetry set, this handy, spiral-bound book with a magnet-ready inside front cover is a complete portable poetry kit. Taking poetry out of the academy and into the neighborhoods, here are poems from schoolchildren and stockbrokers, grandmothers, housewives, and punk rockers. "The Magnetic Poetry Book of Poetry "comes with a vinyl pouch that includes more than 100 word tiles, offering many words not available in other Magnetic Poetry kits-open the front cover, and start composing. And if you get stuck, a poetry primer shows how to polish that verse. From ways to approach poetry-sound, rhythm, visual impact. To forms-haiku, lune, cinquain. To writing exercises-lists, menus, concrete poems, rhymes and alliterations, and more. Foreword by Robert Pinsky.
159,000 copies in print