A definitive guide for competitive running at any skill level. This book contains several personal examples from former world record holders. It provides a professional insight into nearly every aspect of running, and offers excellent advice especially for the beginner. If your goal is to run a marathon, this book will prove to be priceless.

"You will gain a new awareness of your body. Running will improve your stamina. It will help you control or reduce your weight."

"Keeping a diary can be a valuable training aid. A diary provides you with both knowledge and perspective. It helps you to analyze your training and discover what works best for you. By analyzing you diary, successful cycles can be repeated and cycles that lead to breakdown, injury, or poor performance can be eliminated...
For every level of runner, the diary is an important tool."

"Good results don’t just happen by accident. They are the product of consistent, progressive training program, one which can best be built and improved by analyzing past results."

"If you want to legitimize your running in the eyes of your peers, tell them you’re training for a marathon."

"Like any other machine, the higher the quality of fuel used, the better the performance that will result."

"Once you race, the challenge and accomplishment are motivation to continue. Few experiences allow such a range of personal satisfaction and even fewer are as symbolic. When you race, your effort is singularly your own. In your sparest clothing, and with the power of your own body, you confront the challenge of the race. In a race, no one else and nothing else can do for you what you must do for yourself!"