I'm not sure why, perhaps like the songs says "the times they are a changin'", or whatnot.. but Miss Seeton is NOTHING like Miss Marple.(There is a headline above the title touting her similarity.) Miss Seeton gets into scrapes and miraculously gets out of them- via luck or someone else looking out for her. I couldn't take it anymore. The woman doesn't trust her own judements, even though all of the police"men" around her do?!?! And they then insist that she draw the suspects and other points of interest "as she sees it"?? Really? Are you kidding me? They trust her instincts that much and she refuses to believe in herself??

I actually gave it a two because the style of writing was more literature than pulp, and the plot was alright, but geesh... in our heroes/heroines, we want to be able to look up to them for their actions, not their dithering away their ideas or beliefs..

Post Script: After I thought about it for a while, perhaps H Carvic was attempting a "Inspector Clouseau" type character- except, extremely and most properly British in an older lady- the only problem is that Clouseau WAS a memeber of the police and the humor was led by the fact he didn't realize how inept he was.sigh.. I'm really letting this go now.