Spaceflight Life Support and Biospherics is the introduction to space life support systems and artificial ecosystems that has so far been lacking. It is a source of information for everyone involved in the life support system design and development process — engineers, scientists, and students — as well as all those who are simply interested in this existing discipline. The structure of this book is such that it gives step-by-step answers to the basic questions concerning life support systems on any scale — from small microbial systems to the Earth's biosphere: + Why life support system development and biosphere research? + How does our natural life support system, the biosphere, work? + What are the environmental conditions for life support systems in space? + What are the fundamental terms and requirements of life support? + Which physicochemical life support subsystems currently exist? + Which are the potential bioregenerative life support technologies of the future? + What are life support systems of future planetary habitats going to look like? + What are the experiences of the largest artificial ecosystem — Biosphere 2? + What are the potential terrestrial benefits of life support development?