Second in the Cree Black series (following City of Masks), this paranormal thriller is filled with fascinating elements of Navajo culture and traditional beliefs. Author Daniel Hecht finds a careful narrative balance between family drama, eerie occultism, and scientific examination.

Teenager Tommy Keeday suffers strange and dangerous seizures while a student at a school for gifted Native Americans in New Mexico and is believed to be possessed by an evil Navajo spirit. Seattle-based parapsychologist Cree Black is asked to study and save the boy.Along with her team of ghost hunters, she uses her own empathic skills to delve into the dark secrets of the teachers and fellow students who might have something to do with Tommy's illness.

Hecht makes a bold effort to give readers believable investigations into the supernatural.Cree considers and applies theories involving magnetic fields, mysterious energies, genetics, and geographical forces.The narrative is leavened with a great many separate back-stories, as several fascinating Navajo myths and local legends are discussed in depth.This plausible, spooky, and grabbing mixture of solid detective work and paranormal chills is highly recommended.