This set includes 93 Sight Nouns that children should know.

This book is designed to make it easy to practice sight words with your child. It features FIVE DIFFERENT sets of cards, each with a different order. By using a different set each day, your can be sure that your child hasn't just memorized the order of the words, but is actually recognizing each word!

So, what are sight words? Sight words are those words that children need to recognize on sight (instead of sounding out). Knowing these words on sight means that your child can recognize these common words quickly making reading more fun.

Some of the feature of these cards include:
* Large flash card image - each word is an image that is large and easy to read on your kindle. Plus they can be used vertically or horizonally!
* 5 Practice Sets - These flashcards have five different practice sets. Each set is in a different order to make sure your child is reading and not just memorizing. A simple, easy way to practice high frequency words!
* Serif Font - The font used on these cards is the same style used by magazines and newspapers because of its readability.

Sight Words in this Lesson: ball, boy, cat, cow, dog, duck, leg, pig, sun, top, baby, bed, bell, bird, box, car, day, doll, egg, fish, girl, hand, hill, man, men, nest, ring, song, toy, way, back, cake, corn, farm, farmer, fire, flower, game, grass, home, milk, name, robin, school, sheep, street, thing, time, water, wind, chair, father, feet, garden, good-bye, horse, kitty, letter, money, morning, mother, paper, party, rabbit, rain, seed, sister, snow, stick, tree, bear, boat, bread, chicken, children, coat, door, eye, floor, ground, head, house, night, picture, shoe, squirrel, table, watch, window, wood, apple, birthday, brother

NOTE: Sight words can be known by many names including high-frequency words, Dolch words, Fry words, instant words, wall words or even Star words.