You've heard about cases of Asperger's, or perhaps have known a child with the syndrome. Now you've learned that "your" child has Asperger's-what do you do?Let these two Asperger's experts guide you through the basic information you need to know to help your child. In this straightforward and helpful book, you will learn how to:

Get the right diagnosis and understand the results
Determine the best options for education
Help your child learn to socialize with other kids
Avoid sensory overload by recognizing triggers
"When Your Child Has . . . Asperger's Syndrome" defines the syndrome in clear and complete terms that will help you help your child. Now, you can understand your child's needs and help him or her lead a happy and successful life.William Stillman is the author of "Demystifying the Autistic Experience." He is on several autism/Asperger's advisory boards; has been appointed to Pennsylvania's Autism Task Force; and offers much more information at "" He lives in Hershey, PA.

Vincent Iannelli, M.D., is the author of "The Everything Father's First Year Book. A board-certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, he is also an associate professor of pediatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He has nine years of clinical experience and now runs a private practice. Dr. Iannelli lives in Hearth, TX.