The Pulp Era's strangest superhero returns in two more epic adventures of Justice, Inc. by Paul Ernst, writing as Kenneth Robeson. First, Chicago skyscrapers collapse after The Sky Walker is seen striding above the skyline, sparking fears of an alien invasion in the pulp epic that was later adapted to comics by Jack Kirby. Then, in The Devil's Horns, a cryptic message traced in a dying man's own blood provides the clue that helps The Avenger clean up a corrupt city. This instant collector's item showcases H. W. Scott's classic color pulp covers in the same format as Sanctum's popular Doc Savage reprints, along with all the original interior illustrations by Paul Orban. BONUS: Boulevard of Death, a Whisperer thriller by Lawrence Donovan from the back pages of The Shadow Magazine, plus historical commentary by pulp historian Will Murray and Anthony Tollin.