The action packed sequel to Bitter Grass
Outlaw Harper Sloan shows up in Drewsey with his gang and begins stirring up resentment against Brian Richards. Posing as a champion for Charles Sampson in getting the Wire Creek ranch back from the Englishman he divides the men of the country into factions for and against him. Firmly backing Richards Devon McCloud and Trig Parker wade into the fight in an attempt to get to the bottom of Sloan’s real plan.

Richards’ trouble deepens at the report that U.S. Marshal Willard Vaughn has been murdered and McCloud and Parker mysteriously disappear. Words turn to gunplay. After his ranch is attacked and his men shot the hard as nails rancher will accept only one path. Putting his British manners aside he sends a message to town, Tell Harper Sloan that Brian Richards has come out to fight.