Notwithstanding headaches over the mechanics of having sex with ghost, I DO enjoy ghost-related romance. It already has a good set-up for slightly angst story; which could work for me.

This one definitely has the right amount of stupid endearing character (in Robbie, the ghost) who thinks he doesn't have the worth to get the love of his alive roommate, Josh. I love it when Josh finally confronts Robbie about their feelings. You GO Josh!! Robbie needs to get his head smacked!!

While it takes slightly longer for Robbie to finally accept the fact (a client reminds him about that, and all I can say was "aawwwwww" to the client — despite that YES, by renting a ghost-whore, he was about to cheat from his wife, but I give it a pass this time ^^) but it's all good the end *sigh*. Until you realize, having sex with ghost is definitely complicated thing *lol*.