Completely revamped to teach HTML5 and CSS3 from the very beginning, this is the newest edition of the worldwide best-seller that has helped 500,000+ people learn the foundational skills of modern web development. Laura Lemay and Rafe Colburn have thoroughly revamped their in-depth tutorial to cover the latest web skills and technologies, and walk you through creating interactive, dynamic web sites using today's JavaScript libraries, services, and social web technologies. As in previous editions, ""Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML5 and CSS3 in One Hour a Day, Seventh Edition""offers clear, step-by-step instructions, plenty of interesting, practical examples, and all the in-depth coverage serious learners want. Coverage includes:
Getting started: preparing for web publishing and learning HTML5's basics
Creating simple web pages with links, HTML5/CSS3 formatting, images, color, and backgrounds
Building tables, creating CSS3 layouts, designing forms, and integrating media
Creating richer sites and solutions with modern JavaScript libraries and Ajax techniques
Designing effective web pages for the real world
Mastering the advanced CSS3 techniques that offer the most value
Going live, taking advantage of web servers, and using modern tools to simplify web publishing
And much more...