The gluten-free diet was first prescribed for people with Celiac disease or who suffered from digestive issues and inflamed intestines. Over the past few years, the diet has grown in popularity as numerous individuals have noticed the benefits of becoming gluten-free. This popularity has recently led to a number of scientific studies and research looking into the effect gluten has on our bodies. This book will be a primer for those looking to cut gluten out of their diet.
The gluten-free diet has many benefits, including improved digestive functions, weight loss, and improved energy levels. You don't need to suffer from Celiac disease or diverticulitis to reap the benefits of the gluten-free diet. We will cover the numerous benefits of the gluten-free diet as well as the negative side effects of eating food with a high level of gluten.
Finally, we will cover different ways in which you can remove gluten from your diet and that of your whole family. We will show you which foods to purchase, which to avoid, and how to substitute gluten-free alternatives into your diet. So download now and learn how the gluten-free diet can improve your life.