Berlin 1949. The drunken Janos Prohaska and Weng Chan of the Blackhawks go down into a deserted bunker and find some corpses in strange costumes (apparently the Justice Society of America) and a strange green lamp.

Today. Hal Jordan is feeling lonely, and visits Clark Kent for a chat. They accompany each other to a museum convention Clark is supposed to cover for the Daily Planet, and find the green lamp in an exhibition. Hal recognizes it as a power battery, and tries loading his power ring with it. The effect is disastrous and a wave of magic energy kills both heroes. They wind up in the Region of the Just Dead and encounter Deadman, who explains that their deaths are not irrevocable until they have gone "into the light". Hal then tries using his ring to take them back to their bodies, the worst thing he could have done...

Meanwhile, the Phantom Stranger sits in the apartment given to him by the Lords of Order, his current masters. Sensing that something else needs his attention, he finally leaves the apartment forever and dismisses the Lords. Now and forever, he is on his own.

Superman and Hal have wound up in Hell, where Superman's super-senses can't experience anything but suffering, fear and pain. Horrified by realizing that he can't save these innumerable souls, he is slowly going mad. The catatonic man of steel can't do anything but float around and cry, while a terrified Green Lantern desperately tries waking him up. When the two of them are attacked by blood-thirsty demons, Hal once again uses his ring, and they disappear.

Superman and Green Lantern encounter the power that killed them - the sentient Green Flame, the remains of the magic energies of Maltus. The Green Flame explains that their deaths were a result of Jordan trying to load his scientific ring with supernatural energies. Then it tempts Hal to give in for the supernatural power of the Green Flame instead. At that point, the Stranger appears, and teaches Hal how to tame the corrupt Flame. Hal reads the oath of Alan Scott, loads his ring, and the threat of the Green Flame is neutralized. The Stranger then returns Hal's and Superman's souls to their bodies, disposing of the lamp.

Alive after this experience, Hal is feeling better. After a warm good-bye, the two heroes part.