While recovering from a heartbreaking divorce and having grave concerns for her young son's well being, Dana Smith received devastating news, her nineteen-year-old son Garrett was hit by a train. Gifts from Garrett is a true story based on Dana Smith's personal transformation from grief to peace after her son's passing. While in the dark depths of despair, Dana shares nothing short of a spiritual awakening would allow for this transformation to take place. Dana was consumed with questions. What happened? Where is my son? Why my boy? In her search for answers, Dana overcomes her deepest fears and shares how her perceptions and beliefs around her son's passing radically changed. She learned how our thinking keeps us feeling victimized and in fear that something has gone wrong, when in truth, nothing has gone wrong. She shares how she came to know that our loved ones are near, that we all can directly communicate with, and even deepen relationships with, our loved ones in nonphysical. On her journey, Dana discovered what most deem extraordinary, is actually ordinary.