Cynthis Rylant writes three mini adventures in the Henry and Mudge book. Henry is a little boy who has a 180-pound dog named Mudge.Each story in this book deals with a specific topic that is told playfully and lightly enough for a young reader.In the first adventure of this book, "Snow Glory," Henry has fallen in love with a beautiful blue flower.Henry knows he shouldn't touch it,"But he thought how nice it would look in a jar." At one point Henry tells Mudge that he "needs" the flower, which Mudge mistakenly thinks he tells him to eat the flower.Henry is very angry with Mudge, but he then comes to the realization that in order to remain friends he must forgive his dog.In the second tale "Puddle Trouble," Henry and Mudge decide to enjoy a puddle one April day without the permission of his father. The outcome is unexpected.In the third story, "The Kittens," Mudge becomes attached to the neighbors kittens and he protects them from a situation that he perceives to be harmful.

The illustrations are comical,lighthearted and simple.This is a quality which makes this book so popular with primary students because of it's illustrations that are cartoon-style and fun.I would recommend these books for K-2.They are great books for early stage readers.