Born in West Virginia, a coal miner's granddaughter, Pam was raised in a tiny town in Northeast Ohio and raised by a tribe of wild Pentecostals. Pam cut her teeth on the back of a church pew, grew up in clapboard churches, tabernacles, tent revivals, and for many years in a grand cathedral — a mega-church.

Pam's first book, Southern Fried Women, was a finalist in Fiction and Literature-Short Story, Best Books of 2006 Book Awards, and a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year.

Pam recently finished writing Televenge, a story about the dark side of televangelism. Published by Satya House October 2012. Named as an Editors' Pick from BookExpo America 2012 Library Journal! Followed by fantastic reviews by both the Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, the book has taken off like a rocket!

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