In her continuing work with ACOAs, Dr. Claudia Black saw some people hit a baffling "wall" in their recovery. She began to realize that certain conditions and circumstances could halt an individual's progress if left unidentified. These "Double Duty and Dual Identity" issues are the itensified life experiences of ACOAs who have had to contend not only with family alcoholism or dysfunction, but who have an additional dynamic that has profoundly affected their lives and their recovery. Having been sexually abused is just such a double duty issue.
Children living in alcoholic homes are less able to defend themselves against sexual abuse than non-COAs: they have more to fear about trusting their own perceptions, and more confusion about appropriate boundaries. Their sense of powerlessness over the chaos in their homes becomes total powerlessness over their own bodies. The abandonment, betrayal, and shame they experience can result in depression, panic attacks, phobias, and addiction to alcohol, drugs, or food.
This helpful volume, which has been adapted from the longer work DOUBLE DUTY, is designed for the Adult Child who was sexually abused. You will find three life stories of recovering people, as well as Claudia Black's inspiring commentary, and her groundbreaking work on how focusing on your own individual history can help you break through the "wall" to the happiness on the other side.