After they met at the Halloween costume party where Rush was dressed up as a woman, Rush and Kadin start seeing each other on a regular basis. Kadin doesn’t seem to mind that Rush only put on the high heels and short skirt for Halloween. And as far as Rush is concerned, dressing as a slutty woman was a one time deal and he’s perfectly happy being a man. And then Kadin asks Rush to get dressed up again. He practically begs Rush to put on a sexy Mrs. Santa outfit, with a short skirt and red high heels, so they can perform together as Mr. and Mrs. Santa in a variety show Kadin’s fraternity is doing for a charity event called Santa Saturday. Kadin tells Rush all the money his fraternity makes on Santa Saturday goes to a local Children’s Hospital. He also tells Rush he likes it when Rush gets dress up as a woman. Being that Rush can’t refuse Kadin anything, and Rush knows he’ll be raising money for an important cause, Rush agrees to get dressed up as a woman one more time, hoping no one will discover his true identity.