Throughout his 40 year career F. Scott Hess has painted against the grain of the contemporary art world. In this comprehensive monograph, we witness Hess steadfastly going his own way. In the 80s, a period in

which conceptual art was favored, he emphasized figurative work with narrative themes. His rebellious

nature is further exposed as his career progresses and he confronts and explores societal taboos. Although

much of Hess' subject matter is challenging, he also employs humor to great end, leavening work that is

sometimes very dark. His stylistic influences are many, reflecting both his formal studies and his extensive

travels. During his time studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he received the Theodor K rner

award. In the 1990s, he spent a year in residency in Iran on a J. Paul Getty Fellowship. More recently a Hess

painting was chosen as the cover art for the book Realismus in Der Bildenden Kunst. He has shown with galleries the world

over and currently resides in LA.