Be careful what you dream...
After the betrayal and slaughter of his family, Rico chose the life of a rogue, every moment fueled by pain and rage. He had no intention of ever joining another covey, but was lured in by a young queen in heat. Now he finds himself bonded, and chafing at the restrictions she is placing on him. He is just itching for a good fight but never expected to find it in a headstrong and ambitious young woman.


His whole body wanted to surge forward into that embrace, yet somehow he managed to hold himself upright.
"I thought about doing this earlier." Terra was actually grinning as she looked down to where she gripped him. "You've probably heard the saying, 'if you tease the bull, you'll get the horn'. It works the other way too. You're too damned sexy to be showing it all off."
He whined again. His own lust had spiked through the roof, making it nearly impossible for him to sever the link he had with her.
He wanted her to touch him, to stroke him with those delicate little fingers.
But he was terrified of what it might lead him to do in return.
Ayleth had chained him to her with just such a temptation as Terra was now offering. He couldn't risk letting himself be lured into another trap!
"You should go..." he started to protest, but she gave his cock a soft tug that nearly sent him to his knees.
"I like it here," Terra responded smugly, smoothing her palm up and down his length in a devastatingly sweet motion that had him helplessly rocking his hips. "You have fun toys."