The day his bride threw a temper tantrum and refused to walk down the aisle was the happiest day of Sam Garrison's life. To free himself forever from the spoiled brat's clutches, the cynical Montana rancher needed a new fiancee —- just until he could get out of New York and back home where he belonged. Julianne Montgomery, the beautiful cousin of the bride, seemed the perfect choice; she was practical enough to treat the whole matter as a business proposition. If only she weren't also so dangerously tempting. Her smooth ivory skin begged for his caress, her full red lips nearly cried out for his kiss ... and soon their business relationship was the last thing on his mind!


Julianne didn't hesitate to accept Sam's sardonic proposition. She'd been half in love with the handsome Westerner before she ever met him, just from reading all about him in her cousin's letters. But now she was in way over her head. For every time he looked at her with those piercing dark eyes, she trembled with a need she barely understood ... and when he stroked her silken flesh with tender urgency and kissed her until she was breathless with desire, she realized she'd give up everything just for the bittersweet pleasure of being his MONTANA MISTRESS