Pashen was her mother's life; everything was for and about her. However, once she fell in love with a man Pashen was convinced was wrong for her mother, everything changed. Her mother was refined; he was rough. Her mother was light and laughter; he was a dark grimace. Her mother loved Pashen; he found Pashen to be a nuisance and barely tolerable. His mission was to diminish the embers burning bright between mother and daughter and he might succeed. Valentina, the light of her parent's eyes, and the baby girl of the family, was brought into the world unexpectedly and amidst unspoken conflict. Gifted beyond her years, Valentina encountered the cruelties of life early on. At the tender age of thirteen, her world crumbled into a million pieces when life as she knew it would abruptly cease to exist. She didn't know how strong she was until it was the only thing left for her to be. The fire in her soul never died as the embers of her spirit continued to shine bright. Pashen and Valentina enjoyed life in the calm before the storm. As the storm of adversity came, the winds of calamity blew hard and strong and it demanded their full attention. By a twist of fate, the two weather the storm together, never trying to escape the raging tumult, rather, found strength in one another and formed a lifelong friendship in the process. "Glowing Embers in a Dying Fire" is a profound tale of a bond; a sisterhood that forms between two divided souls, Pashen and Valentina, where they learn to shed the shame, release the burden, end the suffering that life managed to dump in their laps and voyage together to become completely whole. Their friendship endured; the embers remained ignited even when everyone gave up and the world died around them in life's fire.