"Noel Hynd knows the ins and outs of Washington's institutions, public and private." Publishers Weekly

It is 1983, the freezing point of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Behind the headlines, unknown to most private citizens, the two super powers bumble toward nuclear confrontation....and in the back streets and back alleys of world capitals, spies and recalled spies fight for a part of a missile guidance system that could tip the balance during nuclear confrontation. And at the center is a woman with a terrible secret.

From the author of FLOWERS FROM BERLIN, CONSPIRACY IN KIEV and two dozen other best selling thrillers, comes a newly revised 'endgame' spy story, based on the events of 1983 that were all too real.

"The novels of Noel Hynd stand out like emeralds." - NY Times Book Review.

"A few notches above the Ludlums and Clancys of the world - Booklist