Facing cancer or another illness? There is hope!

If you’re facing cancer or any serious illness, it’s as though the disease has brought an indictment against your health. Coach Mike Gottfried faced such an adversary—in the court of heaven. With an Advocate by his side, Mike sought God day and night for healing. This booklet is the story of that fight and a game plan anyone can follow for overcoming sickness—even cancer.

“Mike Gottfried reminds us that even in the most trying of times, we need to trust God, His Word, and His promises for all our needs in life. Praying the scriptures is powerful when done with faith and a trusting heart.” —Tim Wildmon, President,
American Family Association & American Family Radio

“When Mike Gottfried speaks, people listen. Not because of his fame or career but because of who he is—a humble, kind, and compassionate man of God. This new book will touch your life in profound ways. When Mike writes, people are touched.” —Paul Goulet, pastor & author, International Church of Las Vegas

“When Mike gave me a copy of his declaration, I felt such an anointing on it. I loved how he interacted with the Father and reminded Him of what He said and in faith believed that what He said would happen. Mike has laid out a plan that others can easily follow. It is faith building and uplifting. It is a gift to the body of Christ.” —Pat Reed, co-founder, Revision Ministries

Mike Gottfried is the co-founder, with his wife Mickey, and director of Team Focus, a ministry to young men without fathers in their lives. Following a successful career as a college football player and coach, he worked as a college football commentator with ESPN for 19 years.