In Kuala Lumpur, a dropout British spy stumbles upon a secret meeting between a group of men who are planning a cataclysmic attack on Western society. In Mogadishu, a burned-out mercenary is approached with an offer to cross over to a new job in the largest terrorism organization in the world. In Washington, a talented, but overworked, intelligence agent tries to make sense of a string of suspicious, but apparently unrelated, incidents. In London, the embattled allied intelligence services try to piece together what it all means. Thus, Paul Williams sets the stage for his provocative thriller, The Bam Memorandum. Meticulously researched facts are interwoven in a plot that leads the reader across four continents, as the British and American intelligence agencies combine their resources in an effort to understand the gravity of the threat they face, in a race against time to prevent a doomsday scenario. The action extends from the mountains of Malaysia to the convention halls of Chicago; from the Sydney Harbor Bridge to the London Eye, and from the corridors of power in Washington to the center of government in Europe, invisibly mixing fact and fiction as it races to its conclusion, high above the streets of Antwerp.

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