Noted for their extraordinary romantic warmth and imagination, deeply felt lyrical beauty, and impressive originality, Schumanns piano pieces are distinguished from those of his predecessors and contemporaries by an intrinsic charm and fantasy.

Series I, Edited by Clara Schumann: Early Works. Variations on the Name Abegg, Op. 1; Davidsbundler tnze, Op. 6;Papillons, Op. 2; Toccata, Op. 7; Etudes on Caprices by Paganini, Op. 3; Allegro, Op. 8; Carnaval, Op. 9; and many others.

Series II, Edited by Clara Schumann: 18381853. Humoreske, Op. 20; Nachtstcke, Op. 23; Novelletten, Op. 21; Sonata No. 2, Op. 22; and many others.

Series III, Edited by Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. Intermezzi, Op. 4; Impromptus on a theme by Clara Wieck, Op. 5; Supplement to Op. 13: Five Additional Variations; Supplement to Op. 14: Original Scherzo of Sonata No. 3; and many others.

Reprinted from Breitkopf and Hrtel editions.