Microsoft SharePoint 2010 allows companies of all sizes to collaborate effectively and efficiently, sharing information across locations and working together on documents and reports. This bundle of e-books contains the full text of ten books, more than 4,000 pages of information, and shares insights and best practices from dozens of SharePoint MVPs.The "SharePoint 2010 Wrox 10-Pack Digital Library" contains these ten books, priced at a considerable savings off of the combined list prices to give you a complete SharePoint 2010 e-book library: "Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration"? by Todd Klindt, Shane Young, Steve Caravajal, ISBN: 9780470533338"Professional SharePoint 2010 Development, 2nd edition?" by Tom Rizzo, Reza Alirezaei, Jeff Fried, Paul J Swider, Scot Hillier, Kenneth Schaefer, ISBN: 9781118131688"Real World SharePoint 2010: Indispensable Experiences from 22 MVPs"?by Scot Hillier (Editor), Reza Alirezaei, Darrin Bishop, Todd Bleeker, Robert Bogue, Karine Bosch, Claudio Brotto, Adam Buenz, Andrew Connell, Randy Drisgill, Gary Lapointe, Jason Medero, ?gnes Moln?r, Chris O'Brien, Todd Klindt, Joris Poelmans, Asif Rehmani, John Ross, Nick Swan, Mike Walsh, Randy Williams, Shane Young, Igor Macori, ?ISBN: 9780470597132"Professional Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010" by Scot Hillier, Brad Stevenson, ISBN: 9781118043790?"Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions" by Steve Fox, Girish Raja, Paul Stubbs, Donovan Follette, ISBN: ?9781118076576"SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Architect's Guidebook" by Brian Wilson, Reza Alirezaei, Bill Baer, Martin Kearn, ISBN 9780470643198 ?"SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Content Management" by Todd Kitta, Brett Grego, Chris Caplinger, Russ Houberg, ?ISBN: 9780470584651"SharePoint 2010 Field Guide?" by Steven Mann, Colin Murphy, Pablo Gazmuri, Chris Caravajal, Christina Wheeler, ISBN: ? 9781118105054"SharePoint 2010 Six-in-One" by Chris Geier, Cathy Dew, Becky Bertram, Raymond Mitchell, Wes Preston, Kenneth Schaefer, Andrew Clark, ?ISBN: ?9780470877272?"Professional SharePoint 2010 Branding and User Interface Design" by?Randy Drisgill, John Ross, Jacob J. Sanford, Paul Stubbs, Larry Riemann, ISBN: 9780470584644