Having enjoyed Morris's charm and wit at a roundtable discussion I attended at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival a few years ago, I was delighted to receive this as a Christmas present having only comparatively recently arrived to live in Oxford.

It's a marvellous overview of the famous city with rich historical research entertainingly interwoven with juicy anecdotes. It's staggering that this relatively small town of 150,000 has come to have had such influence - not that this is always a good things of course - but Morris made me feel churlish for my complaints of privilege and I temporarily abandoned my Class War leanings to bathe in the richness of the Oxford story.

The book was written in the sixties and any updating is cursory at best - so there is little or no mention of Bill Clinton, the Cowley Road, Fuzzy Ducks, the Headington shark, Inspector Morse, Radiohead, Russell George, Oxford United FC (amusingly) or Harris Manchester College. The bulk of the narrative naturally revolves around the university too although the emergence of Morris Motors is a revealing subplot. Required reading for any resident of the city.